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Why Dawn at The Meadows?

Why The Meadows?

Effective Multi-Phase Treatment

Dawn at The Meadows is a ground breaking, intensive, experientially-based, inpatient treatment program for young adults ages 18-26. Our goal is to help restore hope, healing and health to young adults who have lost focus and are unable to embrace independent lives due to latent trauma, addiction or other issues including unsuccessful previous treatment experiences.

Our young adult program provides a customized treatment experience that respects and honors the maturation of this age group in a way not possible in a program model designed for teens or adults. Dawn at The Meadows is the best choice for young adults because:

  • Our 45-day program is based on research showing a longer length of stay increases the success rate of recovery.

  • We integrate 12 Step work from the start and focus on relapse prevention to provide patients with the most comprehensive and thoughtful treatment approach in the industry.

  • The program was designed by experts in their fields with years of experience including Senior Fellows Claudia Black, PhD and Shelley Uram, MD along with Clinical Director Nancy Bailey, PhD.

  • Patients receive personalized attention from our multi-disciplinary treatment team which includes a staff psychiatrist, medical doctor, Master’s Level licensed therapists, and 24-hour nursing.

  • We engage the family throughout the treatment experience allowing the patient and their family time to address complex family systems issues often found with young people.

  • Our holistic approach incorporates mindfulness activities and life skills into the recovery process.

  • We work with our patients to confront their issues in an integrated and positive manner and help them get a true sense of their potential while taking ownership of their lives.

Being part of a community and developing life skills is a focus of our young adult program. Young people ages 18-26 often have a perception of feeling “in-between” – knowing they are clear of the struggles of adolescence and embarking on their own independence. This can become complicated and confusing when they are still closely tied to their parents or major caregivers.

The approach to treating the emerging adult is special and different from adolescent or adult treatment. Addictions, psychological trauma, some mood disorders, and many other problems can be connected to the presence of a dysregulated brain stem. Dawn at The Meadows understands the human brain’s enormous complexity and utilizes cutting edge treatments to effectively help to regulate our young adult patients in their healing process.

We are committed to seeing our patients succeed and realize long-term recovery. Dawn at The Meadows has been designed as a multi-phase treatment approach that has been shown to be more effective in dealing with this age range and behaviors more than traditional methods.

  • Phase I – “Rise” is where we introduce the concepts of treatment and orient patients to the program and community.

  • Phase II - “Grow” is the stage at which we begin to incorporate methods of treatment that address Self Awareness, Trauma, the Limbic System, and focus on Self and Emotional Regulation.

  • Phase III – “Develop” is the final phase where we begin to examine self-interdependence, competency, and continue to equip patients with the skills necessary to make informed choices and establish a commitment to the ongoing process of recovery and to themselves. Dawn at The Meadows works to help our patients confront their issues in a holistic and positive manner and help them get a true sense of their potential while taking ownership of their lives.

Some methods of treatment include:

  • The Meadows signature Survivors Workshop
  • Trauma Informed Psychodrama
  • Somatic Experiencing®
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Neurofeedback
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Expressive Arts Therapy

Our team members promote active integration skills and introduce fun into recovery that resonates with young adults on their own level.

Community Life

Dawn at The Meadows promotes interdependence and competency striving to equip each patient with the ability to make informed choices and establishing a commitment to an ongoing process of recovery to self. Mindfulness activities are a part of the daily schedule that helps patients to become more regulated and centered in their brain and body. Being part of a community and developing life skills are a focus of our young adult program. Daily community meetings allow the patients time for learning appropriate communication skills while sharing with peers and staff. This daily practice also encourages goal setting, positive affirmations, and boundary setting.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment
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We Can Help

Dawn at The Meadows not only helps patients overcome their struggles with complex trauma, addiction or other issues including unsuccessful previous treatment experiences.; it also provides them with the tools and knowledge necessary to realize a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Recovery is possible. Dawn at The Meadows is designed to help young adults who are suffering recognize that they have a full, rich life ahead of them. Contact Dawn at The Meadows today to begin your journey.